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Candice Ewald serves as Home and Land Company's dedicated Office Manager and Administrator, ensuring seamless operations and exceptional service for our clients in Dickinson, North Dakota, and beyond. With her unwavering dedication, organizational prowess, and commitment to excellence, Candice plays a pivotal role in supporting our team and ensuring the smooth functioning of our office.

Candice is a true team player, collaborating closely with our agents and staff to streamline processes, foster communication, and promote a collaborative work environment. Her professionalism, reliability, and willingness to lend a helping hand make her an integral part of our team and contribute to our collective success.

Contact Candice today to experience firsthand the exceptional service and support that Home and Land Company is known for.

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Candice Ewald of Home and Land Company in Dickinson, ND.
Candice Ewald of Home and Land Company in Dickinson, ND.

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